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fundamental concepts or properties of a system in its environment embodied in its elements, relationships, and in the principles of its design and evolution
ISO/IEC 42010 (IEEE Std 1471)

Effective Solutions

Enterprise and Solution Architecture.
Business IT alignment and
cohesive design.

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Business Planning

Develop and execute solution strategy to suport delivery
and growth.

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Domains and Hosting

Cost effective web hosting
solutions for small to
medium companies.

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J. Garmer (CIO)
implemented the best technical options available to us and delivered high quality solutions throughout
S. Sutton (Programme Manager)
from day 1 he brought a fresh approach
C. Leira (Director of Technology)
he develops strong relationships with his business and technology colleagues

Solutions to Empower Your Business

I For IT is an IT consultancy founded by Ian Pledge in 2006. Primary services focussed on Solution and Enterprise Architecture across infrastructure, application and information systems.

Following many years experience of custom application and web development, now partnered with leading commercial and personal web design agencies, other services offered are domain management and web hosting specialising in the SME market.

Working in collaboration with customers, IT delivery and service, stakeholders, designers, operations and support teams to ensure projects are within budget and the solution is fit for purpose.